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みんな電力株式会社(所在地:東京都世田谷区 代表取締役:大石英司)は、このたび、アミタ株式会社、花王株式会社、高砂熱学工業株式会社 等に対し、コーポレートPPAによる再生可能エネルギー電力供給の取り組みを進めることに合意いたしました。当社は企業の長期安定的な再エネ調達を支援することで、再エネ普及を後押しし、脱炭素社会の実現を加速させていきます。


































※1 令和3年度二酸化炭素排出抑制対策事業費等補助金(PPA活用など再エネ価格低減等を通じた地域の再エネ主力化・レジリエンス強化促進事業) (5)再エネの価格低減に向けた新手法による再エネ導入事業

※2 みんな電力の100%出資会社として2021年2月1日設立。再エネ電力の発電事業を担う。所在地 東京都世田谷区、代表取締役 大石英司。














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UPDATER Inc. (formerly Minna-Denryoku, Inc.) Signs Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with RE100 Companies


Options Available for Companies Seeking Stable, Long-Term Renewable Energy Contracts in Order to Achieve Carbon Neutrality or Commit to Global Initiatives Such as RE100 


Setagaya, Tokyo – UPDATER Inc. agrees to provide renewable energy through a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) AMITA Corporation, Kao Corporation, Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd., and more. By supporting companies secure stable, long-term contracts for renewable energy procurement, UPDATER Inc. aims to drive renewable energy use in Japan and achieve a net-zero society.




1.What is a Corporate PPA?


PPA(Power Purchase Agreement) is a contractual long-term agreement between a renewable energy developer, energy consumer, and power retailer, for the purchase of electricity. As PPAs rapidly increase in the U.S. and Europe, Japanese companies aspiring to achieve RE100 or carbon neutrality are gradually exploring options such as long-term (from 5 to 20 years) PPAs to secure reliable and certified renewable electricity, as well as contribute to new projects which fund additional renewable energy powerplants.  



Benefits of a PPA:


‐Assures fixed long-term costs


It assures a longstanding fixed energy cost through a direct agreement between renewable developers and consumers. Depending on the contract, the offered prices are equal to forecasted electricity prices.


‐Enables additional renewable energy projects


PPAs enable companies to fund new renewable energy projects which are highly rated for “additionality” by global initiatives such as RE100.


‐Avoids potential risks by future carbon pricing


Renewable PPAs are free of potential carbon pricing, which allows companies to avert the risk of increasing costs.




2.Project Description


Below are the Corporate PPA projects currently agreed upon through UPDATER Inc. Electricity will be provided beginning February 2022, utilizing government subsidies.





3.Project Prospects

UPDATER, Inc., using its own P2P blockchain electricity tracking system, has provided traceable renewable energy to companies aiming to achieve carbon neutrality. UPDATER, Inc. will continue to support companies’ renewable electricity procurement, not only through supplying from existing renewable developers, but also through PPAs which generate more renewable capacity.




4.Contact Information for Corporate PPA

Business Sales Team




5.Contact Information for Press Release

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